Week 2 has been a good week although I soon realised that one hour a week wasn’t long enough to spend on this. I did add a cool image I’d found on the site of an e-Type jag and added it to my blog but there were too many distractions (like work!) at work so  I gave up on the rest until the weekend.

So this weekend I discovered the wonders of Flickr!  I set up a Flickr account, which included creating a ‘Buddy’ icon, I then uploaded one on my own photographs (well my sister’s actually, all of the photos I take are rubbish!) on to Flickr and included it in a post to my blog.  It didn’t go without incident though! It took several attempts to enter an acceptable URL for linking Flickr to my Blog. It was very frustrating, but I got there in the end!

I then had a brief look around the ‘Commons’ image database – an excellent resource that I will revisit when I have more time.

And finally I was introduced to ‘Mashups’ – Great fun! There are so many possibilities. One that caught me eye let you create a jigsaw from a photograph.

Roll on week 3…