Catchup time!

The last few weeks have been hectic, what with Christmas shopping, wrapping presents, Christmas, and a bit of partying along the way! There’s (unfortunately) been no time for ’25 Things’! but it’s time to put that right now!

So today I have watched a video clip on Wikkis and how useful they can be – especially if I ever decide to go camping! Which to be honest is very unlikely as tents don’t come with star ratings! But exploring Wikipedia has opened my eyes up to the possibilities of Wikkis. I have used Wikipedia before but only to find answers to trivia questions so using some of the functionality has been interesting. I’m not sure about the ‘Random Article’ link though – it’s a great thing if you have nothing better to do and want to impress your work colleagues with a ‘fact a day’ but it can be addictive as you strive for that elusive best article! One that did catch my eye was on the ‘Asymmetry of life nature of aerodynamic lift gervations by the rotor blades of a helicopter’ – I didn’t understand a word of it but then I expect no one else has either as there were no comments listed under the discussion tab!

The current events page lists a good variety of news items – something to interest everyone. The one that caught my eye was the discovery of a bed of dinosaur fossils near Zhucheng in Shandong, China believed to be the world’s largest fossil site!

 After accepting my invitation to join the 25 Things Wiki (on the Webpaint web site) several weeks ago it was good to finally take a look at the ‘Guide to Huddersfield’ and in particular the section on Netherton. I’ve only lived there for 23 years and I never knew about the disused railway tunnel (I hope it doesn’t run under my house!)

 I’m not sure what to make of Google Maps. I enjoyed looking up where I live and where I used to live:

but I was disappointed with how old the maps were – they were at least 4 years old.

I was impressed with the ‘Get Directions’ option.  Only 20hrs 14min to drive the 1268 miles to Madrid! but I  couldn’t get it to work with a UK destination via public transport.

I looked at each of the ‘off shoot’ sites and was taken by ‘Google Moon’. What a fab site! I watched the video clip on creating  personalised maps (a good idea to use when planning a trip maybe?) I then downloaded ‘Google Earth’ onto my home P.C.  (It took a while, at least half an hour, and it didn’t tell me when it had finished!) Worth it though – I didn’t have much time to have a play with it but it does look interesting  especially the 3D  feature.