Such a disappointment this week to find that it’s the last week and there’s nothing new to discover! It’s been such good fun and I’ve learnt so much.

At the start I didn’t know what to expect, I was apprehensive but full of enthusiasm. It knocked me slightly though to discover that I couldn’t do what was needed in an hour, I wondered if it was just me but it was a relief to find out, by reading other 25 thingers blogs, that I wasn’t the only one with timing issues! Once I decided that I was better off doing this from home I never looked back.

I looked forward to each Monday morning, excitedly awaiting the next batch of ‘Things’ to discover, learn about, and play with. All were interesting although some more than others. I loved the creative ones especially mashups and image generators.  I’d never heard of Twitter, but spookily after week 8 it popped up all the time on the radio and the newspapers, and thanks to 25 things I knew what they were on about!

On the good weeks it was particularly disappointing when I ran out of time (timing issue again!) My intention each week was to get to grips with each thing, to understand it, and to use it in an example, but this meant that there was no time left to explore further.

Some were less enjoyable. Perhaps it’s an age thing but I didn’t like Facebook , and RSS feeds were hard work but at least I now have an awareness of these.

And some I will definitely continue to use. I wouldn’t be without my bookmarks. It has made working on my own P.C (home & at work) and the Ask a Librarian desk so much easier.  And my experience of using a blog has helped me understand what I an doing when I add messages to the Electronic Resources wiki.

The help from the ’25 Thing’ Team has been invaluable. Inevitable I found my self at some deadends but their quick responses to my requests for help soon got me back on the right track.

More importantly though was the help and support I received from my fellow 25 Thingers, in particular Dandelionflower. It really helped working on the 25 Things with someone else.

I found adding the weekly updates to my blog a bit tedious. It took all of the allowed hour (and some!) just to do this, but I realise now that I have a really good record of my journey through 25 things so it was worth it.

Is there another ‘Thing’ that I would have liked included? I don’t know, but I have discovered a great web site that brings together 100’s of Web2.0 sites ( that I would love to explore when I can find a spare moment (there’s that timing issue thing again!)