I’ve looked at videos on YouTube before, but only in response to links from Grapevine so this was my first time at exploring the site. It was interesting to find a mix of amateur clips alongside those from major broadcasters. I came across a few gems (see below) plus a lot of rubbish! It needs more time than I had to look around so something else to go back to when I have more time (the list is getting longer!)

I tried adding a a clip from YouTube by copying & pasting the code in the embed box but I wasn’t  happy with the results. Clicking on the link worked but I couldn’t find a way of hiding the programming gobbledygook! So I e-mailed Dave! It turns out that all I needed to do was switch to the HTML view before pasting the link to my post. Thank you Dave, your a star!

Next I took a look at podcasts.  It was interesting to see that these can be stand alone of part of a series, full shows or just commentary from fans. I already have an account with iTunes, although I’ve never accessed a podcast,  so this seemed the logical site to start with.  I enjoyed looking through the wide variety of podcasts from news bulletins to updates on my favourite football team, but I couldn’t figure out how to link one to my blog? Which in a way was a good thing because it encouraged me to look at some of the other suggested podcast sties. I found the Podcast directory easy to navigate and found an entry for a radio show that I enjoy listening to. 


Moving onto Gabcasts. I listened to a couple of these, I wasn’t too impressed though as all they did was tell you how many listeners they had and to thank their listeners over and over again for listening!   I probably just picked the wrong ones though as the idea of recording audio messages and making these available over the web sounds like a good way of communicating – the content just has to be good.  This is easier said than done as I found out for myself! The link below (episode 2) is to a recording of my experience of Gabcast. As you will hear, technically and vocally (I’m no Dame Judy Dench!) it was a challenge.


I tried to add a single Gabcast recording to my blog but it would not accept the ‘mp3’ file format. I’ve since learnt from ‘Dandelion Flower’ that to add ‘mp3’ files you have to first purchase a ‘space upgrade’!