So this week started off with another fun video clip, this time on ‘Social bookmarking’. I very much like the idea of being able to access my ‘favourites’ from any P.C. and I can see that being able to share other peoples ‘book marks’ can potentially save me time when looking for tried and tested sites on the net, although I know that a lot of my ‘favoutites’ were set up years ago and haven’t been clicked on for a while, so I expect other peoples will also include entries for defunct/out dated sites’!

I’m not sure how good ‘tagging’ is- tags are subjective. I tried a few searches but the results were disappointing – No hits!

I then set my self up with a account and copied over the favourites from my home P.C. I still have to do this for the ones on my work P.C. It will be interesting to see how this works.

Moving on to ‘Technorati’, I couldn’t get the videocast to play, but I read the blurb on the home page. I’d always wondered how you ‘found’ a blog, and now I know! I suppose Technorati does for blogs what Google does for web sites. As suggested I tried some searches on the Technorati site and also on the Google equivalent ‘Google blog search’. I was impressed by the 100,174 search results for Google compared to 4706 by Technorati although I don’t know the reason for the large difference? Can someone tell me? I chickened out of registering my blog with Technorati – it just doesn’t seem worthy enough! But I did have a go at tagging some of my posts on my blog – it is easy though to get carried away and too many!

Finally I read a bit on ‘splogs’ or ‘spam blogs’, I haven’t come across any as yet, but I’ll now recognise them for what they are, when I do!