I’ve enjoyed this week. There were only two ‘Things’ to do but this meant that I could spend more time on each one (rather than rushing from one ‘Thing’ to another!).

So this week I watched one video clip on RSS, which was very amusing and informative, and another on how to add feeds.  I really like the idea of RSS feeds and it started me thinking about how they can be of value, whether it be when new articles are added to the online journal sites I read or an update on the ‘What’s on’ list at a theatre.

I set up an RSS aggregator in Google Reader and subscribed to a few newsfeeds/web sites by clicking on the RSS icon – although at first I couldn’t understand why the entries were not appearing on my Google Reader page. I ended up added then by copying and pasting the URL. And then I noticed that they were being added to a default ‘Reader’ already set up on my home P.C.! 

Of the two I’d say I prefer Google Reader to Bloglines, it looks better, and it is much easier to organise your news feeds.

I then had a go at searching for feeds using the search tools Topix.net and Syndic8.com. They appear to be web sites made up of RSS feeds. Syndic8.com I didn’t like at all, it was difficult to use, but I was more impressed with Topix.net.