Already a week behind and playing catchup again! So what have I looked at today? Well I watched a video clip on Social Networking which left me with some reservations – It’s a good way of keeping up to date with what is happening in peoples lives but only as long as your friends use it as well. Anyway I took the plunge and set myself up with a Facebook account. I had a lot of trouble confirming this as the security on my P.C. wouldn’t allow pop ups! It only worked once I cut and pasted the URL into my browser. Thank fully finding and inviting a friend was more straight forward. I also browsed the groups set up by staff & students at the University but the ones I found interesting were closed groups. Better were the ‘become a fan’ groups – definitely something to explore when I’ve more time. 

I found Microblogging a more interesting prospect. A kind of lazy/in a hurry person’s diary/blog. I like the idea of brief to the point entries, easier to read than a blog,  more about activities than thoughts, so after watching the video clip I set up an account with Twitter.  I don’t really feel inspired to microblog myself, although it is fun to read someone else’s, I’ve already paid daily visits to the ones by William Shatner &  Stephen Fry (the best of the two).

I watched the video clip on twittervision but it gave me an headache watching it flit from one new twitter entry to another!