‘Online image generators’ sounded like some thing out of Dr. Who so I was pleasantly surprised to find that they are an aid to creativity as they allow you to ‘manipulate images’.  These were great fun! I tried out the ‘Happy face’ one first, and spelt my name in happy faces. I then spotted a link on the screen to more options, including the following…..




I then had a play with ‘Image Chef’. Lots of possibilities! I tried adding a message to one of the moving image options but I couldn’t save it so I had to settle for the following instead:









Moving onto ‘Google Documents’ – I like the idea of being able to store documents on the web and being able to access them from any P.C. So I created a document on my P.C. and uploaded it onto Google Documents., then added the e-mail address for a ‘collaborator’. I had problems again with the security on my P.C. but I’ve got used to this!

I watched a short clip on ‘Library thing’. I can imagine it being the Holy Grail for all bookworms – unfortunately I’m not (even though I work in a library!) I still set my self up with an account and had a look around. It’s a good way of keeping track of what you’ve read and suggestions for future reads. The site was also very easy to navigate.